The history of Mekanex begins in the mid-1930s in a toy store on Drottninggatan 9 in Stockholm. The store in the old Klarakvarteren became one of Stockholm’s largest toy and hobby stores for over 30 years until the store closed in 1965. The toy store sold, among other things, technical toys from Meccano, Märklin and Faller.

After the Second World War, technical designers found it increasingly difficult to get hold of components and therefore turned to Mekanex’s Toy Store to build prototypes for various projects and machines in the Swedish industry with the help of, above all, Meccano kits.

In 1961, Mekanex Maskin AB was formed to better offer Swedish industry the skills and components needed to design increasingly advanced and automated machines.

Today, 60 years later, Mekanex Maskin AB is still one of the few independent and privately owned companies in the industry and we contribute to the Swedish, Nordic and Baltic industry so it can keep on functioning and further developing. Today we work with companies in most industries; the forest and mining industry, the pulp and paper industry, the packaging industry, nuclear power plants, the car and truck industry, the food and pharmaceutical industry plus independent machine builders around the Nordic and Baltic countries.

2021 60th anniversary
2021 Modernized logo and new design on the website
2021 The Swedish operations are concentrated at the head office in Sollentuna
2011 50th anniversary
2009 The company moves to Sjöängsvägen 11 in Sollentuna
2005 The Estonian branch is established
2001 Sales office opens in Gränna
2001 40th anniversary
1996 Mekanex launches its popular website
1995 The company moves to Dalvägen 20 A in Solna
1991 30th anniversary
1987 Mekanex NUF (Norway) is established
1986 Konstruktörsnytt (later K-nytt) starts and becomes a popular complement to the technical designer catalogs
1985 Oy Mekanex AB (Finland) is formed
1982 Mekanex begins to computerize and buys 2 computers, one on each floor plan
1981 20th anniversary
1981 The founding family emigrates to Australia and the company is bought by 3 employees
1971 The company moves to Vintervägen 11 in Solna
1971 10th anniversary
1968 The famous and appreciated designer catalogs from Mekanex begin to be sent out to technical designers around Sweden
1965 The company moves to Råsundavägen 160 in Solna
1965 Mekanex Toy Store closes in April
1961 The company moves to Jakobsbergsgatan in Stockholm
1961 Mekanex Maskin AB is founded
1933 Mekanex Toy Store is founded and the store is located at Drottninggatan 9 in Stockholm.
1902 Forsners Fotografiska Magasin in Stockholm is founded, the company in which Mekanex Toy Store originates.

Photo: Staffan Lowstedt/SvD